Extruded rubber products with continuous vulcanisation line
A wide range of rubber products to meet all your business needs, right here with us at Haima.
State of the art mats for stables
Stable mats of the highest quality.
Mats for industrial as well as domestic purposes
Includes various mats like gym mats, domestic door mats, ramp mats, hollow mats, and much more.
Door mats to impress anyone
Custom doormats made to your liking to impress all your guests.

40 Years

Over 40 years of manufacturing experience

3 Sites

3 manufacturing sites located in Rubber Park, Ernakulam, Kerala


ISO Certified 9001:2015

our line of products

Rubber stable/cow mats

We at Haima Polymers have been manufacturing rubber stable mats of varied dimensions and specifications over the last 20 years, with production capacity in excess of 15 MT a day. We have been a major exporter of the same to countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, etc.

Industrial and domestic application rubber mats

Our mats are of varying designs, sizes, specifications, and color for almost all sectors including domestic and industrial applications.

Applications include hollow mats, gym mats, ramp mats, restaurant mats, and home decorative door mats.

decorative door mats

We also have an amazing line of custom door mats for your home, which can be customized as per your liking.

custom mats for your business

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